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EMC Number: 6664

Page Count: 128

EAN: 9781609633561

Everyday Literacy: Listening and Speaking, Grade PreK helps you support receptive and expressive language development in your early reading program with fun, focused daily lessons.
The 20 weekly units in grade PreK cover Early Reading First’s Four Dimensions, including:
Oral Language:
  • Using new vocabulary
  • Relating new vocabulary to prior knowledge
  • Identifying objects through receptive language
  • Developing auditory memory
  • Using descriptive language
  • Reciting short poems, rhymes, and songs
  • Describing the actions of characters in a story
  • Responding orally to simple questions
  • Listening for different purposes
  • Following directions
Phonological Awareness:
  • Identifying rhymes and rhyming sounds in familiar words
  • Beginning to attend to the beginning sounds in familiar words
  • Beginning to break words into syllables
  • Clapping along with each syllable
  • Identifying and counting phonemes
  • Making predictions
  • Making connections using illustrations, prior knowledge, and real-life experiences
  • Noting details
  • Recalling details
  • Identifying sequence of events
  • Distinguishing between real and make-believe
  • Determining cause and effect
Motor Skills:
  • Developing small muscle coordination
  • Developing large muscle coordination
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Everyday Literacy: Listening and Speaking, Grades PreK–1

This series helps early learners develop receptive and expressive language skills. The 20 weekly lessons include a scripted teaching path.

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A Review on Effective Literacy Instruction

Evan-Moor’s Everyday Literacy series provides teachers with the instructional material they need to support students’ skill development in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. This white paper reviews the most current research on instruction that develops skills across the language continuum and the effect of daily practice on the development of language skills.

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