Daily Geography Practice, Grade 1 - Interactive Lessons Trial EMC 5815

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EMC Number: 5815

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Includes a single-classroom perpetual license of the interactive lessons, a teacher's edition, and 20 student editions.

Introduce your first graders to important map-reading skills and content vocabulary as they explore 36 maps with interactive features and activities. The 10- to 15-minute daily lessons build geography literacy as students interact with a world map, tourist map, zoo map, state maps, and many more!
  • Based on six elements of the 18 National Geography Standards
  • Includes 36 interactive maps and over 70 vocabulary words
  • Easy to fit into social studies, history, or science curricula
 How It Works: Students will use a paper map each week (a downloadable PDF) and follow the prompts on the screen for the day’s lesson. Included are:
  • Introduction of vocabulary words
  • Directions to focus students on the lesson and the map locations to be explored
  • View of map with interactive “pins” on locations to be studied. Pop-up windows for each pin will display activities and/or information about that location.
  • Two follow-up questions to gauge students’ understanding. Students can answer questions individually or with the whole class.
Plus, each week includes a challenge question for students to complete in small groups or independently using their paper map.
The 36 weekly units in grade 1 cover topics such as:
  • parts of a map, directions on a map, a map key
  • a land and water map of Hawaii
  • a farm map, a zoo map, a treasure map
  • a weather map, a desert habitat
  • natural resources of Alaska, farms in Iowa
 New! The Daily Geography Practice print version has been updated with the most current data available, which includes the most recent census studies, World Almanac information, and National Geography Standards. The Daily Geography Practice app includes the most recent information plus additional geography content and activities!
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