Phonics Intervention Centers: Short and Long Vowels, Grades 1-3 - Teacher Reproducibles, E-book EMC 3521i

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EMC Number: 3521i

Page Count: 244

EAN: 9781609635190

Each of the seven centers in this book contains:

  • Six sets of a two-sided mat and corresponding task cards
  • Two reproducible activity pages—Practice It! and Read It!—for written practice and assessment
  • Word cards presenting words with the targeted letter-sound pattern
  • Directions, answer key, and student record forms
  • One teacher page providing explicit scripted instruction leading students through the steps of building phonemic awareness, oral blending, and visual blending of the targeted sound
  • One teacher page providing explicit scripted instruction for guiding students through the mat activities and Read It! and Write It! pages

The seven centers in this book cover the following skills:

Short and Long a

Short and Long e

Short and Long i

Short and Long o

Short and Long u

Vowel Sounds of y

CVC and CVCe Vowel Patterns

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