Phonics Games: Centers for up to 6 Players, Grades 2-3 (Level D)- Teacher Resource, E-book EMC 3365i

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EMC Number: 3365i

Page Count: 144

EAN: 9781596737792

Phonics games your students will want to play again and again!

Providing your Grades 2-3 students with hands-on motivating phonics practice has never been easier! Phonics Games, Centers for Up to 6 Players, Level D addresses the important phonics skills of vowel digraphs and vowel/consonant combinations while engaging students with fun full-color games. You'll love the ease and convenience of each center game -- all you have to do is laminate the game boards, cards, and directions then place them in an envelope until you're ready to play!

Games and skills practiced in Level D include:

Game 1: Fill It Up Variant Consonant Sounds
Game 2: Go Pick! Silent Consonants
Game 3: Fill It Up Long Vowel Digraphs
Game 4: Diphthong Bingo Diphthongs
Game 5: Syllable Count 2-, 3-, and 4-Syllable Words
Game 6: Prefix Mix Prefixes
Game 7: Concentration Singular and Plural Nouns

Better Together:

The games in Phonics Games: Centers for Up to 6 Players, Level D support the skills practiced in Basic Phonics Skills, Level D. Use Basic Phonics Skills to introduce students to skills such as diphthongs, and variant consonant sounds, and then reinforce the concepts taught using the engaging practice in Phonics Games: Centers for Up to 6 Players.

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