Phonics Games: Centers for up to 6 Players, Grades 1-2 (Level C)- Teacher Resource, E-book EMC 3364i

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EMC Number: 3364i

Page Count: 144

EAN: 9781596737785

Phonics games your students will want to play again and again!

Providing your Grades 1-2 students with hands-on motivating phonics practice has never been easier! Phonics Games, Centers for Up to 6 Players, Level C addresses words with long vowel/silent e and easy long vowel digraphs while engaging students with fun full-color games. You'll love the ease and convenience of each center game -- all you have to do is laminate the game boards, cards, and directions, then place them in an envelope until you're ready to play!

Games and skills practiced in Level C include:

Game 1: Long & Short of It Long and Short Vowel Sounds
Game 2: Spell It! Vowel Digraphs
Game 3: Ping Pang Pow! Initial Consonant Blends
Game 4: Long Vowel Bingo Long Vowel Sounds
Game 5: What's Up Front? Initial Consonant Digraphs
Game 6: R-Controlled Bingo R-Controlled Vowels
Game 7: Syllable Count 1-, 2-, and 3-Syllable Words

Better Together:

The games in Phonics Games: Centers for Up to 6 Players, Level C support the skills practiced in Basic Phonics Skills, Level C. Use Basic Phonics Skills to introduce students to skills such as long and short vowels, R-controlled vowels, and syllabication, and then reinforce the concepts taught using the engaging practice in Phonics Games: Centers for Up to 6 Players.

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