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Nonfiction Writing, Grade 3 - Student Workbook

Singly copy of the Grade 3 Student Practice Book. Read more below
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Common Core Top Pick for Writing

  • Text Types and Purposes
  • Production and Distribution of Writing

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Focused instruction on important nonfiction writing forms!

Help your grade 3 students practice nonfiction writing skills with guided instruction using the models and activities in Nonfiction Writing, Grade 3.


17 units cover the following nonfiction writing skills:

Basics of Nonfiction Writing

Writing a Paragraph
Writing a Topic Sentence, Adding Good Details

Writing to Show Sequence
Sequencing Events, Using Order Words and Phrases

Writing to Show Cause and Effect
Identifying Causes and Effects, Using Cause-and-Effect Signal Words, Adding Details

Writing to Compare and Contrast
Making a Venn Diagram, Using Signal Words, Writing Transition Sentences, Organizing Your Writing

Expository Writing

Writing a Summary
Marking Up an Article, Retelling in Your Own Words, Organizing a Summary

Writing a Descriptive Paragraph
Writing a Topic Sentence; Adding Sensory Details; Showing, Not Telling; Expanding Sentences


Writing a Biography
Finding Important Facts, Choosing Good Details, Writing a Good Beginning, Organizing a Biography


Writing How-to Instructions
Writing an Introduction, Giving Clear Directions, Organizing Instructions

Writing a News Article
Answering the 5Ws and H, Writing Good Leads, Organizing a News Article

Writing a Response to Literature
Understanding the Prompt, Writing a Topic Sentence, Marking Up the Story, Using Details from the Story


Writing a Research Report
Thinking of Questions, Finding Information, Taking Notes, Writing an Outline, Using an Outline to Write, Writing a Topic Sentence, Quoting Sources, Removing Unimportant Details, Listing Sources

Persuasive Writing

Writing a Persuasive Paragraph
Writing a Topic Sentence, Using Persuasive Language, Giving Reasons, Writing a Conclusion

Writing a Persuasive Letter
Writing an Opinion Statement, Writing for Your Audience, Giving Specific Reasons, Organizing Your Letter


Writing a Review
Telling Important Information, Giving Opinions and Reasons, Writing an Ending

Narrative Writing

Writing a Personal Narrative
Choosing a Specific Topic, Adding Sensory Details, Adding Thoughts and Feelings, Organizing Details

Writing a Friendly Letter
Writing for Your Audience, Adding Details, Sharing Thoughts and Feelings


Writing Creative Nonfiction
Writing a Creative First Sentence, Adding Sensory Details, Using Similes and Metaphors

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SeriesNonfiction Writing
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Evan-Moor White Paper

Effective Nonfiction Writing Instruction

Nonfiction writing is an important part of authentic lifelong learning and is therefore a crucial component of elementary curriculum. Evan-Moor’s Nonfiction Writing series provides teachers with the instructional materials they need in order to support students’ skill development in the above areas, as well as in daily activities to build and reinforce written language skills that generalize to any core curriculum.

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Evan-Moor Sampler

Nonfiction Writing, Grades 2–6

As called for in Common Core, students explore frequently-tested nonfiction writing forms and practice specific skills such as writing a strong topic sentence and organizing essay details.

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