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October 8, 2021
Evan-Moor launches NEW Social and Emotional Learning series for the classroom with free SEL printables for teachers!

The 100+ learning activities for grades PreK–6 integrate SEL into the classroom curriculum and empower children to succeed. Evan-Moor has made a selection of the activities free for teachers and parents.

MONTEREY, CA (October 8, 2021)—Evan-Moor Educational Publishers, a leader in PreK–8 supplemental educational materials, has just released a new SEL book to help teachers fit social and emotional learning into the busy school day.

Social and Emotional Learning Activities classroom resource provides over 100+ engaging activities to help teachers embed social and emotional learning into content instruction. The creative and cross-curricular activities incorporate reading, math, writing, social studies, and cultural diversity into SEL instruction and help students identify and practice positive behaviors.

Included in each book are nine units that provide students with real-world scenarios covering the five domains of social and emotional learning within the CASEL core competencies: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, responsible decision making, and relationship skills.

Children will learn positive behaviors, develop self-love, and learn empathy through:

• Real-world scenarios
• Mindfulness activities
• Communication activities
• Creative writing
• Art projects
• Critical thinking and problem-solving

Social and emotional learning is an essential part of children’s growth and development. Creating a safe space for children to think about their feelings, learn how to cope and reduce stress, make good choices, and develop empathy, are all part of the social and emotional toolkit that people need to navigate life. This resource provides teachers with accessible ways to incorporate the five domains of social and emotional learning into their curriculum, making it easier for students to learn more about themselves and develop positive connections with the people in the world around them.
-Lisa Vitarisi Mathews, Publisher, Evan-Moor Educational Publishers

Research shows that SEL experiences improve student achievement, reduce stress, and increase positive behaviors such as kindness, gratitude, and empathy. Children who benefit from SEL instruction in school are not only better equipped to manage stress and obstacles as an adult, but they also have increased academic and relationship outcomes later in life (Durlak et al., 2011). CASEL’s Ready to Lead Report states that including SEL instruction in school has increased student achievement scores by 11 percent.

According to According to The Aspen Institute's 2017 SEAD Research Brief, The Evidence Base for How We Learn Supporting Students’ Social, Emotional, and Academic Development, “There is a substantial and rigorous body of evidence showing that students learn more and classrooms are more effective when children and adolescents have the skills and competencies to manage emotions, focus their attention, successfully navigate relationships with peers and adults, persist in the face of difficulty, learn from and apply academic content, and problem solve.” (Osher et al., 2017; Jones & Doolittle, 2017.)

Evan-Moor has made sample pages from Social and Emotional Learning Activities free for teachers and schools. Download free SEL printables for grades PreK–6 here.

Learn more about these important Social and Emotional Learning Activities books for grades PreK–6 today.

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