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February 28, 2020
Evan-Moor Launches New 2020 Top Student Activity Book

Top Student activity books provide hundreds of activities and practice pages to keep children challenged and excited as they strengthen their skills across all curriculum areas.

MONTEREY, CA (March 5, 2020)—Evan-Moor Educational Publishers, a leader in PreK–8 supplemental educational materials, has just released a line of at-home enrichment books that foster children’s creativity and foundational skills! Top Student full-color activity books integrate the most important skill areas for children in grades PreK–6.

“We are thrilled to provide activities that engage children’s academic and creative minds as well as their hearts. The inclusion of social and emotional learning in the curriculum encourages children to connect to their feelings and empathize with others. The computer science and STEM lessons provide the building blocks for children to think critically and become problem solvers, and the art activities invite children to be creative. Top Student emphasizes important touch points for children’s academic and emotional lives.”
-Lisa Vitarisi Mathews, Publisher—Print Products, Evan-Moor Educational Publishers

Evan-Moor’s Top Student activity books are a great resource for parents who want to provide fun, challenging learning activities at home. Over 300 colorful and interactive activities help children advance their academic and emotional development and include:

• Handwriting
• Phonics
• Grammar and punctuation
• Spelling and vocabulary
• Reading
• Writing
• Mindful moments
• Math
• Computer science
• Science
• Social studies
• Social and emotional learning

These jumbo activity books provide practice of essential foundational skills and include:

Activities across the curriculum, including computer science, science, and STEM
Social and emotional learning activities to develop children’s communication, conflict resolution, and relationship management abilities.

Each title provides informational posters and activities to inspire children’s learning, as well as and mindful moments meditations and activities with downloadable audio. Mindful moments activities help children incorporate reflection and meditation into their academic life and teach them to manage their emotions in productive and healthy ways. Grades PreK–3 provide colorful reward stickers to motivate children to complete activities.

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Evan-Moor Educational Publishers has been “Helping Children Learn” since 1979, publishing high-quality resource materials for both teachers and parents across the PreK–8th-grade curriculum.

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