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February 19, 2020
Evan-Moor Launches New 2020 Science Title

Science Lessons and Investigations inspires students to explore real-world science topics that support Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) in life, earth, and physical science.

MONTEREY, CA (February 5, 2020)—Evan-Moor Educational Publishers, a leader in PreK–8 supplemental educational materials, has just released Science Lessons and Investigations, a new science teacher’s resource for grades 1–6. Science Lessons and Investigations provides comprehensive science units that support Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) in life, earth, and physical science through an inquiry-based model of instruction. The science lessons are ideal for the classroom or homeschooling.

“With today’s current trajectory of science technology growth, more students than ever before will end up in a science-related career. Elementary school students will have jobs that don’t exist today, some of which we can’t even conceive of yet,” said Kathleen Jorgensen, senior editor, Evan-Moor Educational Publishers. “In inquiry-based science instruction, the teacher’s role shifts from knowledge provider to experience facilitator. Much of science needs to be witnessed through the senses to be understood, and the more authentic, the better. Approaches using multiple phases of inquiry, knowledge-building, and application, such as the 5E model, have been used effectively and support Next Generation Science Standards.”

Science Lessons and Investigations, Grades 1–2

The Science Lessons and Investigations units for grades 1–2 present important scientific concepts through an inquiry-based approach. The 14 science units build upon prior knowledge and experience and allow students to apply their understanding in a variety of creative ways. Each unit guides students through exploring the science concept and includes hands-on, cross-curricular activities to extend learning. Units include teacher support pages, a concept development page, practice pages, reading selections, and “I wonder” writing prompts. This robust teaching resource includes hands-on science investigations such as experiments, STEM challenges, observations, art projects, and other cross-curricular projects to enhance learning.

Science Lessons and Investigations, Grades 3–6

The science units in Evan-Moor’s Science Lessons and Investigations for grades 3–6 applies the 5E model of inquiry to guide students through exploring science concepts. It inspires students to explore real-world science topics through a variety of lessons and activities. Science Lessons and Investigations provides teaching support and comprehensive science units that include: concept engagement activities, exploration activities, real-life examples, reading selections, and writing prompts. Each unit concludes with an extension activity that allows students to go beyond the knowledge they have acquired and incorporate it into their thinking and their lives. These activities may include science experiments, STEM challenges, art projects or other cross-curricular activities.

Download a free Science Lessons and Investigations sampler with lessons for grades 1–6.

Click here to read more about inquiry-based science and the 5E model to support science standards, STEM education, the benefits of failure, and the mindset needed to engage in creative endeavors.

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