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May 9, 2019
Evan-Moor Launches New 2019 Daily Word Problems

The all-new Daily Word Problems provides real-world problem-solving practice for students, supporting current math standards and expectations.

MONTEREY, CA (May 9, 2019)—Evan-Moor Educational Publishers, a leader in PreK–8 supplemental educational materials, has just released Daily Word Problems, an updated math title for grades 1–6. This resource provides teachers with 36 weeks of all-new daily math word problems. Daily Word Problems is the perfect resource to improve students’ problem-solving skills.

“The ideal problem-solving practice is authentic. Solving problems, mathematical and otherwise, requires reasoning,” says Kathleen Jorgensen, Senior Editor, Evan-Moor Educational Publishers. “The main purpose of Daily Word Problems is to practice translating situations into mathematical language. Students’ problem-solving skills improve as they participate in meaningful, real-life math practice.”

Evan-Moor’s Daily Word Problems for grades 1–6 includes:

• Authentic, engaging situations that students can relate to.
• Problems written in a natural way, describing the situation so students can visualize it.
• Opportunities for consistent practice.

Students should not rely on key words to provide clues to the appropriate operations. Such artificial clues deprive students of the visualization and analysis practice required to make sense of and solve actual problems. Shortcuts for approaching particular types of problems may appear to save time and effort, but they require a lot of memory in the long run, as there are infinite types of problems.

By supporting the higher-order thinking aspects of problem solving in Daily Word Problems, you are not teaching the next generation how to merely follow a recipe; you are teaching them how to cook!

Read tips on how to approach teaching word problems: When You Don’t Love Math: How to Approach Teaching Word Problems.

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