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September 6, 2018
Evan-Moor’s Daily Practice Resources Raise Student Achievement

Evan-Moor Daily Practice resources are used in millions of classrooms for morning work and test prep and to provide spiral review of skills throughout the year.

Monterey, CA (September 6, 2018)—Morning work has become the staple lesson plan in many elementary classrooms. The short, focused lessons help transition students into the classroom environment while giving them appropriate review and practice. Morning work should be purposeful, manageable, and relevant. It should enhance a classroom instruction and reinforce concepts and skills that students learn throughout the school year. With consistent spiral review, students retain their learning and perform better on state achievement tests.

Evan-Moor’s line of Daily Practice titles provides short daily lessons across the curriculum. Ideal for cross-curricular morning work, Daily Practice titles are also effective in helping children learn and practice skills to prepare for state assessments and the next grade level. Evan-Moor’s 15 Daily Practice titles follow a similar, easy-to-implement format and are available as either “practice dailies” or “teaching dailies.”

Practice Dailies make it easy to practice and assess skills across the curriculum in just 10 minutes a day. The lessons support grade-level concepts and skills and reinforce lessons that are introduced in the core curriculum.

Daily Fundamentals: cross-curricular morning work for math, reading, and language for grades 1–6.
Daily Language Review: daily practice of grammar, punctuation, usage, and sentence-editing skills for grades 1–8.
Daily Higher-Order Thinking: helps students apply critical thinking skills across subject areas. The lessons develop students’ higher-order thinking skills and allow them to integrate their learning and make deeper connections between their learning and the real world. For grades 1–6.
Daily Math Practice: provides practice of computation, problem solving, geometry, and measurement for grades 1–6.
Daily Word Problems: offers standards-based word problems based on diverse real-life situations requiring numerous computational skills for grades 1–6.
Building Spelling Skills: provides practice of grade-level spelling words and strategies for grades 1–6.
A Word a Day: offers vocabulary practice to enrich and expand students’ receptive and expressive vocabulary for grades 1–6
Daily Paragraph Editing: provides mechanics and usage editing practice using varied writing forms and cross-curricular topics for grades 2–8.
Daily Handwriting Practice: provides handwriting, contemporary cursive, and traditional cursive practice for grades K–6. (per website)

Teaching Dailies make it easy to deliver focused instruction to supplement any core curriculum in just 20 minutes a day. Teacher pages reduce lesson prep time with suggested teaching paths and additional information. Skills are organized around weekly concepts, and activities integrate critical thinking into the instruction.

Daily Reading Comprehension: direct instruction on reading comprehension strategies such as monitoring comprehension, making connections, visualizing, and determining important information are skills that help students read and respond to texts. For grades 1–8.
Daily 6-Trait Writing: provides direct instruction on the six traits of writing—ideas, organization, voice, sentence fluency, word choice, and conventions—through scaffolded lessons that focus on specific writing skills. For grades 1–8.
Daily Geography Practice: 36 map lessons introduce basic geography skills and geography terms with hands-on instruction. For grades 1–6.
Daily Phonics: systematic phonics instruction in just 10 to 20 minutes a day for grades 1–6.
Daily Science: standards-based science lessons, vocabulary, and hands-on activities for grades 1–6.
Daily Academic Vocabulary: teach students key academic vocabulary they will encounter in multiple subject areas. For grades 2–6.

Daily Practice titles are available as teacher’s editions (print and e-book). Corresponding student practice books are available.

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