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Math Assessment Tasks, Grade K - Teacher Resource, E-book

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Teacher Resource, E-book
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With Evan-Moor’s Math Assessment Tasks, kindergarten teachers have the ultimate assessment resource. ...Read more >>

The busy Kindergarten teacher will love these colorful and efficient assessment tasks. Each assessment task is correlated to a specific grade-level standard.

Math Assessment Tasks—Quick Check Activities makes it easy to assess student skill levels and to see where additional practice is needed. Important beginning math skills are divided into five sections that reflect common organization of standards.

Number Sense:

  • Compares and Identifies More, Less, and Equal
  • Rote Counts to 30 or More
  • Recognizes Numerals 0–30
  • One-to-One Correspondence Using 0–30
  • Sequences Lowest to Greatest
  • Compares Numbers with More or Less
  • Addition Using Manipulatives
  • Subtraction Using Manipulatives
  • Estimates Quantities of 10–30

Algebra and Functions:

  • Sorts and Classifies by Attributes

Measurement and Geometry:

  • Compares Objects by Length
  • Compares Objects by Weight
  • Compares Objects by Capacity
  • Understands the Concept of Time
  • Names Days of the Week
  • Distinguishes Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
  • Identifies Time to the Hour
  • Identifies Plane Shapes
  • Sorts Plane Shapes
  • Identifies 3-Dimensional Shapes
  • Sorts 3-Dimensional Objects

Statistics, Data Analysis, and Probability:

  • Reads and Analyzes Data on a Pictograph
  • Identifies, Describes, and Extends Simple Patterns

Mathematical Reasoning:

  • Understands Addition and Subtraction Through Problem Solving
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Series Math Assessment Tasks
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Format E-book
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