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Math Assessment Tasks, Grade 1 - Teacher Resource, E-book

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Teacher Resource, E-book
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The busy first-grade teacher will love these colorful and efficient assessment tasks. Each assessment task is correlated to a specific grade-level standard.

Math Assessment Tasks—Quick Check Activities makes it easy to assess student skill levels and to see where additional practice is needed. Important beginning math skills are divided into five sections that reflect common organization of standards.

Number Sense:

  • Rote Counts to 100
  • Reads Whole Numbers to 100
  • Writes Numbers to 100
  • Orders Number to 100
  • Compares Numbers to 100
  • Identifies Groups of Tens and Ones
  • Identifies Coins and Their Value
  • Shows Different Combinations of Coins That Equal the Same Value
  • Identifies One More/One Less, Ten More/Ten Less
  • Counts by 2s, 5s, 10s, to 100
  • Identifies Fact Families
  • Understands Addition and Subtraction
  • Solves Column Addition of One-Digit Numbers
  • Solves Addition and Subtraction Using One- and Two-Digit Numbers
  • Estimates to the 10s Place

Measurement and Geometry:

  • Tells Time to the Nearest Half-Hour
  • Identifies Two- and Three-Dimensional Objects
  • Compares Length, Weight, and Volume

Statistics, Data Analysis, and Probability:

  • Describes and Extends Patterns
  • Reads and Analyzes Data on a Bar Graph
  • Sorts Objects and Data by Common Attributes and Describes the Category

Algebra and Functions:

  • Identifies the Missing Number in Addition and Subtraction Facts
  • Identifies the Missing Operation
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