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How to Do Plays from Favorite Tales, Grades 4-6+ - Teacher Reproducibles, E-book

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Teacher Reproducibles, E-book
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Page Count: 176

EAN: 9781608237180

$0Finally, an easy way to put on classroom productions!$0 $0Help your grades 4–6+ students build oral fluency, confidence, and a love of the stage with the fun and humorous plays in How to Do Plays from Favorite Tales. Full-color props, delightful scripts, follow-up activities, teaching suggestions, and more give you everything you need to put on engaging yet simple classroom productions.$0 $0Five delightful plays your students will love:$0 $0 $0Things Could Always Be Worse$0 $0The Magic Pasta Pot$0 $0What Is an Elephant?$0 $0The King Who Would Not Laugh$0 $0Dorothy and the Land of Blahs$0 $0

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