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Flashcard Set Ages 4+

This flashcard set for ages 4+ features colors and shapes, the alphabet, and counting 1–20. Perfect for early learners, these flashcards provide learning games and activities that help children learn essential readiness skills. Read more below
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Flashcard Set Ages 4+
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Buy a bundled set and save $8.00! (Flashcards are $5.99 each when sold separately.)

Sharpen skills in a flash! Learning Line flashcards target specific reading and math skills and concepts, and help children practice in a fun, hands-on format. Each set includes 3 boxes of flashcards, and each box contains 56 sturdy, full-color cards and includes ideas for games and activities to spur interest in learning.

Plus, Learning Line flashcards include free access to online timed tests and interactive activities to add another dimension to flashcard practice.

This flashcard set is for ages 4+ and includes:

Colors and Shapes Flashcards
Colorful, illustrated flashcards plus game and activity ideas will help young children learn 11 basic colors and 10 shapes and recognize colors and shapes in real-life objects.

The Alphabet Flashcards
Build knowledge of letters and sounds in a fun, hands-on format. The flashcards present upper- and lowercase letters, diagrams that show how to trace each letter, and delightful illustrations.

Counting 1-20 Flashcards
Suggested games and activities help children sequence, write, and count numbers from 1 to 20, plus recognize number words and count by 2s and 5s.

To further reinforce skills, partner Learning Line flashcards with the corresponding Learning Line activity books.

Perfect for learning on the go, enriching free-time practice at home or school, and car rides!
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