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Everyday Literacy: Math, Grade 1 - Teacher Reproducibles, Print

Introduce your first graders to standards-aligned math concepts such as measurement, fractions, and algebraic patterns, while developing important oral language skills. Includes scripting for 100 daily lessons and hands-on activities. Read more below
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Grade 1
Teacher Reproducibles, Print
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Common Core Top Pick for Math

  • Counting and Cardinality
  • Measurement and Data
  • Numbers and Operations in Base 10
  • Geometry
  • Operations and Algebraic Thinking

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Introduce your first graders to standards-aligned math concepts such as measurement, fractions, and algebraic patterns, while developing important oral language skills. This resource book provides explicit scripting for 100 daily lessons. Also included are 20 fun hands-on activities to apply math skills, and a weekly Home–School connection page in English and Spanish to extend learning at home.

Each daily 10- to 15-minute lesson is organized around discussion questions that invite students to think critically about the math concepts, use new vocabulary, and demonstrate their understanding. A weekly unit follows this format:
  • Day 1: Introduce the weekly concept, read a story, and guide students through an activity.
  • Days 2, 3, and 4: Discuss the Day 1 story and concept, and practice or extend the concept through the day’s activity page.
  • Day 5: Reinforce the week’s math concept with a fun hands-on math activity. Send home the Home–School connection activity page.
Everyday Literacy: Math provides 20 weeks of math skills that are aligned to state standards and Common Core State Standards. Math and literacy skills covered, include:
  • counting
  • operations and algebraic thinking
  • numbers and operations
  • measurement and data
  • geometry
  • mathematical practices
  • oral language development
  • comprehension
The weekly units cover the following topics:

Week 1 : How Many? (Number Sense)
Week 2: Number Names (Number Sense)
Week 3: Count by 10s (Number Sense)
Week 4: Skip Counting (Number Sense)
Week 5: Tens and Ones (Number Sense)
Week 6: How Many In All? (Algebra)
Week 7: How Many Are Left? (Algebra)
Week 8: Order of Addends (Algebra)
Week 9: Fact Families (Algebra)
Week 10: What’s the Problem? (Algebra)
Week 1 1: Greater Than, Less Than (Algebra)
Week 12: Basic Shapes (Geometry)
Week 13: Fractions (Geometry)
Week 14: Ways to Measure (Measurement)
Week 15: Measure With Inches (Measurement)
Week 16: Time For Fun! (Measurement)
Week 17: Patterns (Algebra)
Week 18: Where Is It? (Geometry)
Week 19: Counting Coins (Number Sense)
Week 20: Using Graphs (Data Analysis)

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SeriesEveryday Literacy: Math
GradeGrade 1
Evan-Moor Sampler

Everyday Literacy: Math, Grades PreK–1

This series helps students build a strong foundation in grade-appropriate math concepts such as counting, measurement, and algebraic reasoning—and develop important oral language skills. The 20 weekly lessons include a scripted teaching path.

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