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Daily Summer Activities: Between Grades 4th and 5th Grades, Grades 4-5, E-book

10 weeks of daily lessons that will help prepare children for fifth grade. Read more below
$13.99 (USD)
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Note: This E-BOOK version is instantly downloadable to your computer or iPad! The Daily Summer Activities e-book copyright provides you a single-user license to use this e-book with one child or student.

Even during the carefree months of summer, children can be preparing for the next grade with Daily Summer Activities. It’s packed with engaging activities that will build learners’ confidence for the next grade level by practicing essential skills. Activities offer practice of essential skills across subject areas, including reading, math, writing, spelling, and geography.
With just one or two activities per day over a 10-week period, Daily Summer Activities helps to keep skills sharp without getting in the way of vacation time.

Recipient of the 2020 Parents’ Picks Award for Best Educational Products for Preschool and Elementary Kids, the Daily Summer Activities series provides fun skill practice to help children discover a love of learning and reach their educational goals.

Daily Summer Activities reflects grade-level expectations and includes open-ended questions to develop your child’s critical thinking skills. 
10 weeks of instruction cover the following skills:
Language arts practice:

• two stories with comprehension questions each week
• sentences to correct for capitalization, punctuation, and grammar
• 12 spelling words to learn each week
• alphabetical order
• contractions
• parts of speech
• synonyms, antonyms, and homophones
• analogies
• prefixes and suffixes

Mathematics practice:

• multiplication and division facts
• word problems
• up to four-digit addition and subtraction with borrowing and carrying
• dividing by one digit
• multiplication by one and two digits
• fractions
• graphing
• geometry
• measurement


• map symbols
• map reading

Also included:

• cursive handwriting practice
• creative writing activities
• practice cards for multiplication and division facts through the nines

Need additional summer learning activities? These books enhance the skill practice found in Daily Summer Activities:

• To focus on essential math, spelling, and writing skills, use the Skill Sharpeners Math and Spelling Bundle. Your child will practice and review important skills in a fun format!

• For a comprehensive review of all subject areas, use Top Student jumbo activity books. The colorful and interesting activities will help to reinforce the skills and concepts that your child needs to know for the next grade level.

Attention Schools: get a discount on your order of 10 or more Daily Summer Activities books! Learn about our school special here.

Read about the research and benefits of Daily Summer Activities to help learning recovery and support successful summer learning. Learn more here.

Teachers pack a lot into the school year, so don’t let all that hard work fall by the wayside when summer comes. ...Read more >>

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