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Daily Practice Free Samplers

Free is not a word teachers often come across when it applies to high-quality teacher lesson plans, student practice pages and vocabulary lists. However, offers educators a unique feature that allows teachers to download free educational samples of reading, writing, literacy, math, science and geography lesson plans. Evan-Moor samplers include student practice pages, scope and sequence charts, and even vocabulary lists. Read more >>

Download the free samplers here! Each provides teacher-support pages, student pages, and skills scope and sequence or vocabulary lists.
A Word a Day, Grades 1–6
Hand-picked word lists and meaningful daily activities ensure that students develop the rich vocabulary essential to successful reading comprehension.
Evan-Moor Sampler

Building Spelling Skills, Grades 1–6
Take students beyond surface-level memorization of grade-level spelling words.
Evan-Moor Sampler

Daily 6-Trait Writing, Grades 1–8
The sure-fire way to improve students’ writing is to focus on the six traits of strong writing.
Evan-Moor Sampler

Daily Academic Vocabulary, Grades 2–6
Knowing academic vocabulary is essential for students’ success across subject areas and a focus of Common Core State Standards.
Evan-Moor Sampler

Daily Math Practice Common Core Edition, Grades 1–6
Completely revised for Common Core, the daily practice activities are ideal for warm-up, review, or homework. View weekly units and home–school connection activities for each grade level.
Evan-Moor Sampler

Daily Geography, Grades 1–6
Based on the 18 National Geography Standards, this series supports any geography or social studies curriculum and provides practice reading informational text.
Evan-Moor Sampler

Daily Handwriting Practice
Handwriting is still a must-know skill! This series provides handwriting practice based on content-rich themes and topics.
Evan-Moor Sampler

Daily Language Review, Grades 1–8
Used in over 1 million U.S. classrooms, this series reinforces the skills covered in your core language arts program in concise daily lessons.
Evan-Moor Sampler

Daily Paragraph Editing, Grades 2–8
Award-winning editing practice gets results! Students apply grade-level capitalization, punctuation, spelling, and language usage skills to one paragraph each day.
Evan-Moor Sampler

Daily Phonics, Grades 1, 2, 3, and 4–6
Explicit, systematic phonics instruction and scaffolded practice help young students and English learners develop the skills necessary to become proficient readers.
Evan-Moor Sampler

Daily Reading Comprehension, Grades 1–8
In 10- to 15-minute daily lessons, this series boosts reading comprehension by teaching the skills and strategies students need to become active, engaged readers.
Evan-Moor Sampler

Daily Science, Grades 1–6
Inquiry-based science lessons present physical-, life-, and earth-science concepts and build students’ science vocabulary and comprehension.
Evan-Moor Sampler

Daily Word Problems, Grades 1–6
Problem-solving skills improve day by day with meaningful math practice that covers grade-level math concepts and skills. Aligned to standards.
Evan-Moor Sampler