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Reading Foundations

Picture of At-Home Tutor: Reading, Grade K - Activity Book

Developed by teachers, At-Home Tutor: Reading provides engaging activities that motivate kindergartners to practice foundational reading skills. Each title includes access to free online activities that focus on vowel sounds.

Picture of Learning Line: Beginning Sequencing, Grades PreK-K - Activity Book

Practice leads to proficiency! Motivate early learners with engaging skill-specific practice in 32 full-color pages. Each book presents an important language arts concept through short, colorful activities that capture young learners’ attention.

Picture of Jumbo Fun with the Alphabet, Grades PreK-1 - Teacher Reproducibles, Print

The revised Jumbo Fun with the Alphabet is your ultimate resource for teaching letter names and sounds! Over 200 pages of engaging activities help students see, hear, say, and write the 26 letters of the alphabet.

Picture of Take It to Your Seat: Phonics Centers, Grades K-1 (Level B) - Teacher Resource, Print

Learning centers are a motivating way for students to practice important skills. The activities in Take It to Your Seat Phonics Centers reinforce phonics skills with full-color centers that contain directions, task cards, and record forms.

Picture of Alphabet Puppets, Grades PreK - 1 - Teacher Reproducibles, Print

Alphabet Puppets is a fun and unique way to teach students essential alphabetic awareness, phonemic awareness, and letter formation skills. Full-color animal puppets, alphabet picture cards, and motivating games and activities will capture and hold early learners' attention as they learn the 26 letters of the alphabet.

Picture of Basic Phonics Skills, Grades K-1 (Level B) - Teacher Reproducibles, Print

Meet your needs for supplemental phonics practice with this series of four books. The Basic Phonics Skills series is a sequential presentation of phonics skills from phonemic awareness to structural analysis.

Picture of Early Learning Resources, Sequencing, Grades K-2 - Teacher Resource, Print

The books in this series are as varied as the needs of the young learners you must provide for in your classroom. They are practical and give you a broad range of active learning experiences from which to choose.

Picture of Retelling Tales with Headbands, Grades PreK-1 - Teacher Reproducibles, Print

Help early and emergent readers build oral fluency and comprehension using the motivating dramatic play activities in Retelling Tales with Headbands! Delightful headbands help students get into character while they act out favorite and familiar tales.

Picture of High-Frequency Words: Stories & Activities, Grades K-1 (Level A) - Teacher Reproducibles, Print

Help your students learn to read 100 pre-primer and primer Dolch words on sight and improve their reading fluency, automaticity, and comprehension.

Picture of High-Frequency Words: Center Games, Grades K-1 (Level A) - Teacher Resource, Print

Reinforce your grade K–1 students' word recognition skills with engaging full-color games. Students get the practice they need with pre-primer and primer Dolch sight words while using High-Frequency Words: Center Games, Level A.

Picture of Phonics Games: Centers for up to 6 Players, Grades PreK-K (Level A) - Teacher Resource, Print

Give your students motivating phonics practice using fun game formats! Students practice important sound/symbol association skills while playing seven full-color games. Reproducible worksheets, answer keys, and student directions make it easy!

Picture of Sequencing, Read, Think, Cut & Paste - Teacher Reproducibles, Print

Readers at all levels need practice with sequencing, a valuable and important reading skill. Each of these four books contains activity pages that provide that valuable practice.

Picture of Everyday Literacy: Reading and Writing, Grade PreK  - Teacher Reproducibles, Print

Help grade PreK students develop literacy skills using fun daily lessons! Everyday Literacy provides focused lessons that help build beginning reading and writing skills such as letter-sound associations, letter formation, initial sounds, and more.

Picture of All About the Ocean, Grades PreK -K - Teacher Reproducibles, E-book

Download an E-book to your computer now and don't pay for shipping!

Picture of Sequencing, Grades K-2- Interactive Game

Develop important foundational reading and writing skills with over 100 interactive sequencing activities and three levels of difficulty. Early learners will enjoy the colorful, interactive format as they use pictures, words, and sentences to tell a story.

Reading Foundations