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Alphabet Puppets, Grades PreK - 1 - Teacher Reproducibles, Print

Alphabet Puppets is a fun and unique way to teach students essential alphabetic awareness, phonemic awareness, and letter formation skills. Full-color animal puppets, alphabet picture cards, and motivating games and activities will capture and hold early learners' attention as they learn the 26 letters of the alphabet. Read more below
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Grades PreK-1
Teacher Reproducibles, Print
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Engage your students in essential alphabetic awareness practice with fun, full-color alphabet puppets!

Alphabet Puppets is a fun and unique way to teach students essential alphabetic awareness, phonemic awareness, and letter formation skills. Full-color animal puppets, alphabet picture cards, and motivating games and activities will capture and hold early learners'attention as they learn the 26 letters of the alphabet.

You'll love Alphabet Puppets because it:

  • gets students actively involved in alphabet practice using 26 fun ,full-color puppets. Colorful animal-character puppets become a powerful teaching tool that can be used again and again to introduce and review letters and their sounds.
  • develops alphabetic awareness skills essential in any reading readiness program. Puppets help students develop strong letter/sound relationships by providing the visual and auditory clues students need to match the sound and forms of all 26 letters of the alphabet.
  • can be used to create centers, bulletin boards, and games. Suggestions for centers, bulletin boards, and six different games help you extend your alphabet lessons and make puppets an active part of the classroom.
  • features a step-by-step teacher's guide to help you introduce letters with ease. Teacher pages offer an easy-to-follow process for introducing letters and their sounds, practicing the formation of the letters, and identifying the letter sounds at the beginning of a word.
  • can be used with Jumbo Fun with the Alphabet for complete and comprehensive alphabet practice! Both books can be used separately, but when used together, the fun, full-color puppets in Alphabet Puppets,along with the reproducible activities and practice in Jumbo Fun with the Alphabet,create a powerful, comprehensive resource to help students develop important reading readiness skills.
  • it's correlated to state standards.

Each letter of the alphabet comes complete with the following materials:

  • Full-color animal patternfor each alphabet animal puppet.
  • Animal chant to help students build letter/sound relationships.
  • Alphabet tracking form that shows where the letter is located in the alphabet.
  • Picture cards for each sound to help students practice letter/sound recognition.
  • A reproducible puppet pattern so students can create their own puppets to take home and practice on their own.
  • Teacher's guide to help you lead students through the process of learning new letters.

Vowels a, e, i, o, and u also come with "little long vowel friends" mini-alphabet puppets.
After students have mastered the short vowel sounds, "little long vowel friends" provide the perfect support to reinforce the sounds of long vowels using visual clues. Each "little friend" is a mini puppet that fits into the pocket of the larger matching short-vowel puppet.

Unit at a Glance:
Activities incorporate the four language domains of listening, speaking, reading, and writing to engage students in the instruction and practice of each letter of the alphabet.

  • Naming Letters
    Students are introduced to new letters through meeting the alphabet puppet, reciting an alphabet rhyme, and taking part in a short lesson where they learn the two letter forms (capital and lowercase).
  • Writing Letters
    Students learn the correct way to form letters by tracing upper- and lowercase letters in the air during a short lesson. Afterwards, they can use their take-home puppets to trace and write the new letters on their own.
  • Placing Letters in the Alphabet
    Students practice locating letters in the alphabet by singing the alphabet song and clapping when they get to the correct letter. You can also use the alphabet puppets to make a bulletin board that students can refer to as they complete alphabet activities.
  • Identifying Letter Sounds
    Students' letter/sound recognition is further reinforced by reciting a chant and participating in a picture card activity.
  • Reviewing Letters
    Take-home puppets allow students to practice letter names, sounds, and formations at home.

Engage your students in the important alphabet and reading readiness practice they need for success—use Alphabet Puppets in your classroom today!

This resource contains teacher support pages, reproducible student pages, and an answer key.

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