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Activity Books

When parents and teachers join forces, they form an unstoppable team that opens doors, facilitates greater learning and prepares children for promising educational futures! Nurture and unleash the power of your child’s learning potential with Evan-Moor’s research-based parent home education resources. See how effective our thoughtfully-developed ...Read more >>

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Daily Summer Activities: Between Grades Kindergarten and 1st Grade, Grades K-1 - Activity Book

10 weeks of daily lessons that will help prepare children for first grade.
$13.99 (USD)

Skill Sharpeners: Spell & Write, Grade 2 - Activity Book

It has been proven that children benefit immensely when parents take an active role in their education. Skill Sharpeners Spell & Write provides grade-specific practice designed to keep written language skills sharp.
$10.99 (USD)

Top Student, Grade K - Activity Book

Challenge your students to improve their skills with fun learning tasks in the Evan-Moor Top Student Activity Book. Each of the colorful activities in this workbook is made specifically for kindergarten students, ensuring that young learners get the chance to become better readers and writers while also improving their math and science skills.
$15.99 (USD)

Skill Sharpeners: Geography, Grade 5 - Activity Book

Engage children in exploring the world while learning important map skills and geography concepts. The cross-curricular activities integrate the most current geography standards and incorporate colorful learning activities with geography concepts.
$10.99 (USD)

Smart Start: Phonics and Spelling Activity Book, Grade K

Phonics and spelling workbooks give little learners a boost! Your child will make leaps and bounds with this special workbook that combines phonics and spelling lessons and activities that help kids become readers and writers! Colorful illustrations engage children in learning beginning sounds, CVC word families, and spelling patterns.
$10.99 (USD)

Skill Sharpeners: Math, Grade 5 - Activity Book

Provide engaging math practice and see children’s math and problem-solving skills improve with Skill Sharpeners: Math activity books! The colorful theme-based activities create enjoyable learning experiences for children and improve their math fluency, number sense, and reasoning skills.
$10.99 (USD)

Brain Games and Activities Workbook, Ages 8–9 - Print

Brain Games and Activities provides screen-free fun to boost critical and creative thinking skills! Keep kids engaged with activities that include logic and reasoning, language and word play, and more. Each book includes: sticker activities, audio support for problem solving, and over 80 brain games. Games include: puzzles, mazes, graphs, hidden pictures, tongue twisters, and more!
$11.99 (USD)

Heart and Mind Activities for Today's Kids, Ages 10-11

Heart and Mind Activities for Today’s Kids workbooks include 75 fun activities to support children’s well-being. Real-world scenarios and hands-on reflective projects create positive learning experiences for children and help them learn to manage emotions, reduce anxiety, and navigate social situations. Activities include art, puzzles, games, coloring, and more!
$11.99 (USD)

Social Skills Activities for Today’s Kids, Ages 4-5

Help children have positive interactions and gain confidence with these colorful workbooks that provide practice and preparation for making friends, being at school, and going places. The meaningful, fun activities give children a safe space to think about how to handle social situations and provide guidance and suggestions for them to consider.
$11.99 (USD)

Skill Sharpeners: Grammar & Punctuation, Grade 3 - Activity Book

Help children improve their writing while learning important grammar and punctuation rules. These colorful activity books make language skill practice fun with interesting themes, a variety of activities, and word games! Includes answer key.
$10.99 (USD)

Listen and Learn: Animals, Grade 1

Engage children in practicing basic reading and writing skills with the help of fascinating animals! From chameleons to kangaroos, the beautiful animal photographs and stories in Listen and Learn: Animals will take young children on an animal adventure around the world.
$12.99 (USD)

Real-World Writing for Today's Kids, Ages 6-7

Improve children’s writing and teach them valuable life skills at home using creative real-life writing activities. The colorful illustrations provide fun and simple writing exercises to show children how diverse and innovative writing in today’s world can be.
$11.99 (USD) $8.99 (USD)