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When parents and teachers join forces, they form an unstoppable team that opens doors, facilitates greater learning and prepares children for promising educational futures! Nurture and unleash the power of your child’s learning potential with Evan-Moor’s research-based parent home education resources. See how effective our thoughtfully-developed ...Read more >>

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Skill Sharpeners: STEAM, Grade 6 — Class pack


This class set includes 20 identical Skill Sharpeners: STEAM workbooks.

Creatively engage children in solving real-world problems with Skill Sharpeners: STEAM. STEAM is an approach to project-based learning that engages children in empathizing, thinking critically, collaborating, and coming up with solutions to solve real-world problems.
$219.80 (USD) $197.82 (USD)

Smart Start: Math Stories and Activities, Grade PreK

Help your preschooler build strong math foundations with Smart Start: Math Stories and Activities. Developed by teachers, the colorful activities introduce math skills in creative ways. Each unit introduces important math vocabulary and helps children recognize math in the world around them.
$10.99 (USD) $7.14 (USD)