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Find something fresh and exciting to add to your classroom repertoire with Evan-Moor’s engaging teaching resources. Discover new products that will add a refreshing spin to your routine and will consistently make learning interesting! Keep your students on their toes — Evan-Moor makes it easy for you to discover new ideas and add variety to your ...Read more >>

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Daily Reading Comprehension, Grade 4 - Teacher's Edition, Print

Daily instruction on reading strategies and skills needed to improve comprehension and raise test scores.
$29.99 (USD)

Daily Language Review, Grade 5 - Teacher's Edition, Print

Students practice language skills covering punctuation, verb tense, conjunctions, word meaning, and more in ten- to fifteen-minute daily lessons. Daily Language Review is correlated to current standards.
$23.99 (USD)

Building Spelling Skills, Grade 3 - Teacher's Edition, Print

Provide your students with frequent, focused skills practice with this Reproducible Teacher's Edition. The reproducible format and additional teacher resources give you everything you need to help students master and retain basic skills.
$24.99 (USD)

Financial Literacy Lessons and Activities, Grade 1 — Teacher’s Resource, Print

Help first grade students learn about money with real-world math activities, hands-on projects, and reproducible play money. Students explore real-life choices about using money, buying groceries, collecting allowances, paying at a restaurant, and more.
$21.99 (USD) $16.49 (USD)

Daily Math Practice, Grade 2 - Teacher's Edition, E-book

Provide your second-grade students 10-to-15 minutes of daily math practice. Developed to provide spiral practice of the most important grade level math skills, the frequent, focused practice provides an informal assessment of students' skills and helps target instruction. Each title includes downloadable home–school connection activities.
$23.99 (USD)

Science Lessons and Investigations, Grade 3 - Teacher's Edition, Print

Inspire students to explore real-world science topics with Science Lessons and Investigations! The 12 robust science units present important science concepts, supporting Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) in life, earth, and physical science.
$23.99 (USD)

Reading Comprehension: Nonfiction, Grade 6 - Print

Build strong reading comprehension skills with leveled nonfiction texts and comprehension activities! Engage sixth-grade students in high-quality reading comprehension lessons that include texts with a variety of text structures, dictionaries, comprehension activities, writing prompt activities, and more.
$23.99 (USD)

Spelling Games and Activities, Grade 2 - Print

Spelling practice has never been this fun! Worksheets with real-world themes engage students in spelling words and using critical thinking skills. The theme-based worksheets include spelling practice and word study for over 350 words, hands-on centers, and games. Spelling and word study skill practice includes consonant blends, consonant digraphs, vowel pairs, r-controlled vowels, and more!
$24.99 (USD)

Text-Based Writing, Grade 5 - Teacher's Edition, Print

Support 5th-grade students with scaffolded text-based writing practice! Lessons include leveled texts with science, social studies, and health topics, as well as comprehension questions, graphic organizers, writing prompts, and more.
$23.99 (USD)

Culturally Responsive Lessons and Activities, Grade 3 — Teacher’s Resource, Print

Build a sense of community and inclusiveness in the classroom with culturally responsive teaching units that connect students’ cultures, languages, and life experiences with their learning. The creative lessons for third grade include inspirational stories, hands-on activities, creative writing and drawing, interactive games, art projects, and more.
$21.99 (USD) $16.49 (USD)

Social and Emotional Learning Activities, Grades 1-2 - Teacher’s Resource, Print

Support students by helping them identify and practice positive behaviors and develop empathy with Social and Emotional Learning Activities. Research shows that SEL experiences improve student achievement, reduce stress, and increase positive behaviors such as kindness, gratitude, and empathy.
$21.99 (USD) $16.49 (USD)

Weekly Real-World Writing, Grades 5-6 - Teacher's Resource, Print

Real-world writing happens when there is a reason to write. Help students explore real-world purposes for writing with activities that demonstrate thoughtful and effective writing strategies. Weekly activities include letters, journal entries, product opinions, advertisements, and more!
$22.99 (USD) $17.24 (USD)