Writing Interactive Games

Consistent practice is key to creating strong writers. These interactive writing games open up children to a world of self-driven creativity that makes writing practice exciting and engaging.

With the Draw then Write game, children are allowed to let their imagination run wild with over thirty theme-based prompts. Using digital drawing tools, children create a picture and then write a story based on their pictures.

Writing Interactive Games

Draw Then Write
  • Improves writing skills and offers opportunity for creative expression
  • Over 30 drawing and writing topics at varying levels of difficulty
  • Children use the digital tool to draw pictures and then write about their completed pictures
  • Grades 1–3
  • Available for PC or Mac or iPad on iTunes App Store

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Riddle Me Math Riddle Me Math Riddle Me Math

Super Sentence Maker
  • Sparks creative thinking with sentence-writing practice
  • Using the interactive “word machine,” children can choose between building whole sentences, completing sentences, or responding to prompts.
  • Grades 1–3

Super Sentence Maker Super Sentence Maker Super Sentence Maker