Daily Science Books & lessons

Fostering an interest in science at a young age can provide great groundwork for a student’s future. Enhance your students’ science literacy with daily engaging, inquiry-based lessons. Teach students important concepts and vocabulary with a balanced variety of activities covering life, earth, and physical sciences.

Daily Science

Picture of Daily Science, Grade 1 - Teacher's Edition
Bestseller - Daily Science
  • 30 weeks of inquiry-based lessons
  • Based on national science standards for
    life, earth, and physical sciences
  • Also available in:
  • Grades 1–6+
  • $29.99

Everyday Literacy: Science

Picture of Everyday Literacy: Science, Grade 1 - Teacher's Edition
  • Develops literacy skills while exploring key earth, life, and physical science concepts
  • Correlated to state standards and Common Core State Standards
  • Also available in:
  • Grades PreK–1
  • $21.99