All About Insects, Grades PreK -K -Activity Book, E-Book EMC 2405i

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EMC Number: 2405i

Page Count: 208

EAN: 9781596736443

All About Insects is the ultimate resource for teaching children about insects and for practicing important language and math skills that help children make cross-curricular connections. This wonderfully illustrated thematic unit has an easy-to-use format that makes it a must-have!

The five insect themes explored are:

  • What Is an Insect?
  • About Insects
  • Insect Life Cycles
  • Insect Helpers
  • A Spider Is Not an Insect!

The five sections in this book are overflowing with fun stories and activities such as:

  • storybooks: "Bug Jars"; "Insects"; "Egg, Caterpillar, Butterfly"; "Good Bugs!";
    "What Is It?"
  • full-color storyboard pieces that make it easy and fun to review concepts while you re-tell the story
  • art projects: Baker’s Clay Bugs; Let’s Paint BIG Insects; Spotted Butterfly on a String; Busy Bees; Spider Headbands
  • cooking: Ladybug Cookies; Five Ants on a Log; Butterfly Sandwiches; A Taste of Honey; Spider Snacks
  • story comprehension, language, and math activity pages that are engaging and offer essential skills practice
  • learning centers: Insect Puzzles; Make a Match; Caterpillar; Good Bug Dominoes; Flies for Lunch
  • outdoor: Bugs in Jars; Following the Insect; Relay Races; Flower, Flower, Honeybee; “Catch the Fly” Tag
  • music/dramatic play: "Five Little Insects"; "Every Insect"; Insect Play—Watch Me Move; Fluttery Butterfly; Where Are the Bees?, Little Miss Muffet
  • alphabet cards: charmingly illustrated, full-color, theme-based, upper- and lowercase alphabet cards
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