Literature Pockets: Greek & Roman Myths, Grades 4-6+ - E-book

EMC 2734i


EMC Number: 2734i

Page Count: 96

ISBN: 9781596736764

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Every pocket in Greek & Roman Myths Grades 4-6+ begins with a two-page reproducible retelling of a tale.

About the book:

  • There is a teacher resource page that offers suggestions for sharing the tale.
  • Comprehension, art, and writing activities follow, helping the story come to life for students.
  • Two pages of evaluation forms help both teacher and student assess what was learned.

The eight myths included in this book are:

  • Phaëton and the Sun Chariot
  • Pandora’s Jar
  • Perseus and the Gorgons
  • Arachne and the Weaving Contest
  • The Race for Atalanta
  • Persephone and the Seasons
  • Bellerophon and Pegasus
  • Echo and Narcissus