Building Spelling Skills, Grade 3 - Teacher's Edition, Print

EMC 2707


EMC Number: 2707

Page Count: 160

ISBN: 9781557998415

In Building Spelling Skills Daily Practice, Grade 3, students will learn 15 spelling words per week (450 total). Three sentences for dictation are provided for each list.

Spelling lists include the following:

  • contractions
  • blends
  • vowel sounds
  • prefixes and suffixes
  • compound words
  • words with silent letters and homophones
  • consonant digraphs

Practice pages include the following:

  • a spelling list with spaces to read, write, and spell each word
  • visual memory exercises
  • word meaning (filling in missing spelling words in sentences, crossword puzzles, synonyms/antonyms)
  • exercises with phonetic elements
  • editing for spelling

Reproducible forms include:

  • spelling record form
  • individual spelling record
  • spelling test form
  • spelling list form
  • word sort form
  • parent letter

State Correlations:

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