Nonfiction Reading Practice, Grade 2 - E-book

EMC 3232i


EMC Number: 3232i

Page Count: 208

ISBN: 9781629383224

Your second grade students can learn about the same topic—while reading at their own level! The all-new Nonfiction Reading Practice guides students in reading and understanding nonfiction texts with articles that span the curriculum, helping to boost students’ knowledge and comprehension across subject areas.
The leveled reading selections on the same topic and the supporting activities help you accommodate students’ varied reading abilities within one class.
Format: The teacher’s edition e-book contains the same content as the print version, but provides you additional digital tools to customize and mark up the pages. Student pages can be projected or printed.
Every unit includes:
  • 3 levels of nonfiction reading selections on the same topic
  • Text-based comprehension questions (multiple choice and open-ended)
  • Words to Know lists with vocabulary for each reading selection
  • Visual literacy page to enrich learning and support focused discussions
  • Text-based writing prompt and a writing form
  • Graphic organizers
The 17 units of nonfiction reading selections cover these 2nd grade topics:
  • Social Studies: Our President; Harriet Tubman; The Statue of Liberty; Veterans Day; Lakes
  • Science/Health: Exercise; Food Chains; Neil deGrasse Tyson
  • Mathematics: Estimating Cost; Metric Measurements; Fractions
  • Technology: Learning at the Computer; Curiosity Rover
  • The Arts: Native American Weaving; Photography; Kristi Yamaguchi; Ansel Adams
Nonfiction Reading Practice is a completely revised edition of a long-time favorite. It’s sure to be your favorite supplemental reading resource for facilitating reading groups and creating an inclusive reading environment!
Plus, with the help of the writing form, you’ll have writing samples for every student to display in your classroom.
This resource can be used to support English language learners, Tier 2, and Tier 3 (content vocabulary).

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