Skill Sharpeners Trio, Grade 1 EMC 7031

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EMC Number: 7031

Page Count: 432

EAN: 9781629382807

Skill Sharpeners books improve first graders’ confidence and skills through engaging reading, math, and science activities! Skill Sharpeners activity books:
  • Align to national and state standards for appropriate grade-level practice
  • Provide assessment pages to build test-taking skills and confidence
  • Are full-color, illustrated, and child-friendly
The Trio includes three full-color activity books that provide practice of important skills and concepts:
Skill Sharpeners: Reading, Grade 1
Each unit focuses on a wonderfully illustrated text selection that is followed by a variety of activities to help students practice fluency, comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, structural analysis, phonics, and writing.
Skill Sharpeners: Reading, Grade 1 provides 14 motivating stories to capture readers’ attention. For example:
  • Dad and I
  • Who Can Fix It?
  • The Missing Mitten
  • George Washington’s Barn
Skill Sharpeners: Math, Grade 1
Theme-based math units practice foundational skills! Each unit ends with a “Test Your Skills” activity that gives students a feeling of accomplishment. Designed to practice skills that have already been introduced and mastered, the grade 1 lessons include:
  • read numbers to 100
  • solve simple word problems
  • write numbers to 100
  • identify basic shapes
  • addition and subtraction facts to 18
  • tell time to the hour and half-hour
  • identify fractions—1/2, 1/3, 1/4
  • read graphs
  • identify and continue patterns
  • count pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters
  • measure to the nearest inch
  • two-digit addition and subtraction without regrouping
Skill Sharpeners: Science, Grade 1
Engaging reading selections, activities, and hands-on projects will motivate children to learn science concepts that are based on the most current science standards. The simple hands-on activities help children understand and retain science concepts in a memorable way.
Each lesson includes interesting reading selections and activities that focus on one science concept, covering the following first grade topics:
  • Physical Science: Sound, Light, Shadows, Technology
  • Life Science: Leaves, Animals and Eggs, Mothers and Babies, Birds, Insects
  • Space and Earth Science: Night Sky, Our Sun, Seasons
  • Environment and Ecology Science: Uses of Wood, Earth Materials, Recycling
  • Engineering and Design: Tools
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