Skill Sharpeners Trio, Grade PreK

EMC 7029


EMC Number: 7029

Page Count: 432

ISBN: 9781629382784

Skill Sharpeners books improve a child’s confidence and skills through engaging reading, math, and science activities! Skill Sharpeners activity books:
  • Align to national and state standards for appropriate grade-level practice
  • Provide assessment pages to build test-taking skills and confidence
  • Are full-color, illustrated, and child-friendly
The Trio includes three full-color activity books that provide practice of important PreK skills and concepts:
Skill Sharpeners: Reading, PreK
Skill Sharpeners: Reading, PreK, contains 21 theme-based units, each of which introduces a consonant letter. Each unit contains a cut-and-paste activity that introduces a consonant sound and three colorful activity pages that reinforce reading readiness skills. There is one “Test Your Skills” assessment page for every four consonants introduced.
Reading readiness skills practiced include the following:
  • phonemic awareness
  • vocabulary
  • fluency
  • comprehension
  • visual discrimination
Skill Sharpeners: Math, PreK
The 10 theme-based math units practice foundational math skills! Each unit introduces a number 1–10 and includes activity pages that practice beginning math skills. Each unit ends with an assessment page that reviews the math concepts introduced.
Beginning math skills practiced include:
  • counting
  • recognizing numbers
  • patterning
  • identifying geometric shapes
  • comparing sizes
  • recognizing most and least
Skill Sharpeners: Science, PreK
Songs, rhymes, and hands-on projects motivate children to learn science concepts that are based on the most current science standards. Each lesson focuses on one science concept and provides engaging activities to help young children learn basic science concepts. 
PreK topics cover:
  • Physical Science: Colors, Shapes, Sizes, Textures, Wheels, Sounds, Motion
  • Life Science: Living or Nonliving, Basic Needs, My Five Senses, Plant Parts, Plant Parts We Eat, Animal Parts, Animal Babies, Animal Homes
  • Earth Science: Land, Rocks, Water, Day and Night, Weather