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Learning Line: Addition and Subtraction Facts to 10, Grade 1+ (Age 5+) - Flashcards

EMC: 4168
Add excitement to learning with flashcard fun! This set of cards provides practice of over 100 addition and subtraction problems. Help children master math facts and build computation speed. Pair with Learning Line activity books. Grades PreK–1 Read more below
$5.99 (USD)

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EMC Number: 4168

Page Count: 52

EAN: 978-1-60963-946-4

Sharpen skills in a flash! Learning Line flashcards target specific reading and math skills and concepts, and help children practice in a fun, hands-on format. Each set contains 56 sturdy, full-color cards and includes ideas for games and activities to spur interest in learning.

Plus, Learning Line flashcards include free online timed tests to add another dimension to flashcard practice.
To further reinforce skills, partner Learning Line flashcards with the corresponding Learning Line activity books!
Perfect for learning on the go, enriching free-time practice at home or school, and car rides!

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