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Evan-Moor's TeacherFileBox

TeacherFileBox Single Classroom Subscription - Monthly

The TeacherFileBox monthly subscription is for a single classroom or homeschool use, providing you exclusive access to over 80,000 printables within TeacherFileBox for grades PreK–6!
$17.99 (USD)
Spelling Games and Activities, Grade 3

Spelling Games and Activities, Grade 3 - Print

Spelling practice has never been this fun! Worksheets with real-world themes engage students in spelling words and using critical thinking skills. The theme-based worksheets include spelling practice and word study for over 500 words, hands-on centers, and games. Spelling and word study skill practice includes consonant blends, consonant digraphs, vowel pairs, r-controlled vowels, and more!
$24.99 (USD)
Brain Games and Activities Workbook, Ages 8–9 - Print

Brain Games and Activities Workbook, Ages 8–9 - Print

Brain Games and Activities provides screen-free fun to boost critical and creative thinking skills! Keep kids engaged with activities that include logic and reasoning, language and word play, and more. Each book includes: sticker activities, audio support for problem solving, and over 80 brain games. Games include: puzzles, mazes, graphs, hidden pictures, tongue twisters, and more!
$11.99 (USD)
Reading Comprehension: Nonfiction, Grade 4 - Print

Reading Comprehension: Nonfiction, Grade 4 - Print

Build strong reading comprehension skills with leveled nonfiction texts and comprehension activities! Engage fourth-grade students in high-quality reading comprehension lessons that include texts with a variety of text structures, dictionaries, comprehension activities, writing prompt activities, and more.
$23.99 (USD)

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